Ernest's Summer Camp 2008


Ernest returned to Rancho Oxboro for summer camp with his friends. He has been having a good time away from the hazards of the big city. Rancho Oxboro summer camp is located east of Mount Hood and Mount Adams . Ernest has gotten to see wild turkeys , Oregon grapes , bluebirds , and sheep - lots of them .

He has gotten to visit and run with his friends:

Timmy  Evita  Spot 

Phrace Jedi  \

Clancy Puff  Butter


Ernest does not understand why Spot gets to visit the toy box when has called him Spot the Bad after he and Phrace the Miscreant crawled under the driveway gate and visited the neighbor.

Ernest the Good has been very photogenic letting Papa Joe take lots of pictures of him.


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Updated: August 17, 2008