Welcome to the Oxboro Sheep Homestead
The Gonyeaus

Members of Navaho-Churro Sheep Association. Pure-bred lambs and adults occasionally.  Currently, we have seven  lambs born in January and February 2007.  Click any picture below for a larger size photo.  For additional information on the breed.

Also see our long-eared friends.

Stephanie with Olivia and Gloria
Part of the flock
Olivia with 2007 ram and ewe
Blackie's 2007 ewe
Olivia with 2007 babes
Blackie (ewe) followed by Dodge (white ram). Baby black and white lambs are lying on ground. Badger (ewe) is barely visible behind Dodge. White lamb is from Badger; black lamb is from Blackie.
Since the ewes and lambs are kept in a barn, a scattering of hay and grain got them running.
Ivy's 2007 ram and ewe lambs
Ivy with 2006 Dart (ewe) and Durango (ram) lambs
Coaxing everyone back to their pen after grazing
The girls like their grain
Watchful eyes guarding the sheep

Updated:     February 22, 2007