Week 9

2004 Basset Puppies !!!   Click any of the photos below for a larger picture

Oxboro's Our Kind of People TD (U Thant) X CH Oxboro Northwest Passage TD (Lucille), born October 27, 2004

Pictures taken December 31. The puppies have seen their first snow, explored and played in the it. Males 2 (Mars) and 3 (Saturn) have gone to their new homes. Enjoy and have a Happy and Safe New Years.

Jupiter and Stella1 Mercury Mercury Mercury
Stella1 Jupiter and Stella1 Stella1 Stella2
Mercury Jupiter and Stella1 Mercury Jupiter and Stella1 Mercury Jupiter and The Girls Mercury and The Girls
Stella 1 and Oops Stella 2 Mercury and Jupiter The Girls Jupiter Stella1 and Mercury
Jupiter and Stella1 Stella 1 Jupiter The Girls

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Updated: December 31,  2004