Week 8

2004 Basset Puppies !!!   Click any of the photos below for a larger picture

Oxboro's Our Kind of People TD (U Thant) X CH Oxboro Northwest Passage TD (Lucille), born October 27, 2004

Pictures taken December 24. The puppies have continued to explore and have met the sheep - Olivia and Ivy. They also like to play tug of war. Male 2 (Mars) has gone to his new home. This week we are showing all the puppies at play. Enjoy and have a happy holiday.

Ivy and Olivia Saturn & Jupiter Saturn & Jupiter The Girls
Mercury & Saturn Saturn & Jupiter Saturn & Jupiter Saturn, Jupiter, and Stella
Jupiter Mercury and Saturn Mercury and Saturn The Boys
Stella 1 Stella 3 The Girls Jupiter & The Girls
The Girls Stella 1 Jupiter & The Girls Jupiter & The Girls

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Updated: December 25,  2004