Two Lil' Bundles of Joy - Ernest and Phrace - at 7 weeks

During the day of March 6, Ernest and Phrace were born to CH Oxboro Undaunted Courage TD (mother) and Oxboro's Our Kind of People TD (father). The pups were 5 weeks when the pictures below were taken. All the pictures below can be clicked for a larger image. See pictures AT 1 week - AT 5 weeks.
Pups at Play
<< Looking for Trouble

That toe looks good >>


<< Let's go for the hair

There's got to be food here somewhere >>


<< Oops how'd I end up down here ?

I know there's food in that do we get it out? >>>


Working on the food cube


<<< Ah that hand looks tasty  

Oxboro Bassets  

Updated: April 24, 2006